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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

This week we started our total Mind & Body Detox. It has been incredible to notice my own weaknesses and addictions come to play. I gave up on caffeine and sugar and it has not been easy. But my body already feels better in less than 48 hours after starting the program.

These first couple of days we are focusing on eating raw plant-based foods. It reminds me of the times I spent at an ashram. You become mind alive, and your attention starts to be focused on the present moment.

One lesson that I have learned recently is that you don't need to give 100% in everything you do, as long as you are giving more than you are not. That completely changed my trainer mindset of giving 100% all the time. So this is what we are doing, trying our best, and modifying as necessary.

It is not just about detoxifying through foods, but also digital detox, meditation, fitness and everything that create toxicity in our lives. The program is a total Body, Mind, and Soul Detox.

If you would like to experience this yourself, check out the link below: 10-day Total Mind-Body Detox, learn more HERE

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