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Align with the Frequency of Success (1).

Corporate Mindfulness 

Create a more harmonious and mindful work environment 

A mindful work environment means

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Healthier Employees

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Increased Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Why Workplace Stress Matters

A 2021 survey by The Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association revealed that 29% of employees suffer from mental health disorders, underscoring the urgency of addressing workplace stress. With stress accounting for 550 million missed workdays each year and 80% of workers feeling ill-equipped to manage it, the impact on productivity and health is significant. Stress not only leads to a higher risk of workplace accidents but also increases healthcare costs by nearly 50% for affected employees.


The good news? Our mindfulness programs have proven to enhance employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction, regardless of company size. By prioritizing mindfulness, businesses can foster a more focused, adaptable, and healthier workforce.

Are You a Wellness Leader?

As a wellness leader in your organization, you can play a vital role in helping your employees learn effective tools to manage stress. By implementing mindfulness programs and other stress-reducing strategies, you can create a healthier, more productive workplace that benefits everyone involved. With the right support and resources, employees can learn to manage stress and improve their overall well-being, leading to a happier, more engaged workforce.

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Our Journey: Building Mindful Organizations.


What Our Partners Say

Energia is a great company for your corporate or personal mindfulness needs. Virna is attentive, takes the time to engage with those attending her sessions, makes a personal connection with the employees and yourself, and she is great with communication.


We offered our employees a 21-day Mindfulness Challenge and the feedback we received was all positive and they hope to see more programming with Energia in the future. From creating the flyer, to checking how many registrants, to sending over the pre and post-survey data and the entire programs data, she does it all!


It is a breeze when partnering with Virna to offer programming, she takes care of everything! I look forward to partnering with Energia in the future.

Jenna Botelho

Recreation Supervisor I

Parks & Recreation, City of St. Petersburg

Align with the Frequency of Success (1).
We can help you create a more mindful organization
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“"This was a great program that really gave me an opportunity to take a moment to myself and be aware of how I was actually feeling, rather than telling myself what I should be feeling."”

“Thank you for this exciting and interesting mindful program. I truly was able to release, relax, and relieve myself from many stressful situations. It was a pleasure to stop and take care of me. I will continue to do mindfulness activities."”

"The meditation series is the most wonderful experience and has been the highlight of my days. I am so grateful that you are taking the time and effort to provide this wonderful service"

"What I learned on my inner journey is that it is possible to reach a state of interconnection (oneness) with all beings. Knowing that we are all love brings joy, understanding, peace, and gratitude." 

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