Triple Threat (not what you think)

If you have ever heard of “Triple Threat” in performing arts, you might think that I am talking about something good like someone who can act, sing and dance.

But the “triple threat” I am talking about here is ONE THING that most people unconsciously do that increases stress, lowers their IQ, and makes them gain weight. It is a real threat to one's health!

So let me check in with you and see if you have been unconsciously triggering the triple threat.

Have you ever….

  • Attended a virtual meeting while you scrolled your phone for the latest headlines (or, ahem, checked your social media notifications)?

  • Juggled two work projects at the exact same time because you thought you could do them in half the time?

  • Listened to a training/course/book while folding the laundry, cooking a meal, and/or caring for a family member?

  • Checked your email or phone several times in the middle of a project?

Yes, the ONE thing that can trigger the triple threat is multitasking!

It might seem like you’re streamlining your to-do list by tackling several things at once, but you can actually be cluttering your brain.

This can lead to more mistakes, retaining less info, and actually changing how your brain works (not for the better).

In fact, multitasking on projects that require a lot of thought can make your IQ score dip the same way it does for people who stay up all night!

Check this out: in one study, men who multitasked had their IQ drop 15 points … so that their score was the same as an average 8-year-old child.