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Beyond Mindset

Break Free From Stress and Maximize Your Human Potential

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So, say goodbye to stress and hello to a life of tranquility and fulfillment. It's time to step into your full potential and embrace the joy that life has to offer.

maximize your human potential means

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Peace of Mind

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Spiritual Fulfillment 


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Beyond Mindset is a comprehensive and integrated approach that delves deep into your true essence, enabling you to manifest the life you've always desired and relish each moment to the fullest.

Throughout each step of our journey, you'll be equipped with the necessary tools to identify and rectify any imbalances in all nine aspects of your being, paving the way for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

What sets Beyond Mindset apart is its unique combination of intellectual knowledge and experiential practices, resulting in unparalleled confidence and clarity on how to maintain balance, prevent stress accumulation, and tap into your spiritual potential.

By fulfilling this inner void, you'll not only benefit yourself but also harness the power to create the impact you've always dreamed of having in the world.

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One-on-One Coaching

✓Powerful comprehensive self-paced modules that take place over 16 weeks


✓ Your personalized meditation practice based on your mind-body constitution


✓9 exclusive 45-minute one-on-one calls with Virna 


✓Weekly live Q&A calls with hot-seat coaching (1 per week during the 6 months)


✓24/7 access to the private program community


✓Lifetime access & free Updates


✓Inner Journey #1: Balancing Your Physical Body

✓Step-by-Step Videos and workbook. Each video is around 15-30 minutes and provides a lesson and a practice.

✓Bonus lesson


✓Inner Journey #2: Mind Freedom

✓Step-by-Step Videos and workbook. Each video is around 15-30 minutes and provides a lesson and a practice.

✓Bonus lesson


Inner Journey#3: Spiritual Fulfillment. Each video is around 15-30 minutes

✓Step-by-Step Videos and workbook

✓Bonus lesson


Inner Journey#4: Discovering Your Purpose

✓Step-by-Step Videos and workbook

✓Bonus Lesson


✓Inner journey #5: Perfecting the Practice

✓Step-by-Step Video

✓Bonus Session with Virna

Align with the Frequency of Success (1).

Your Timeline

4 months of content and practice, done at your own pace, plus 2 months bonus mentorship.

You will have plenty of time to complete the modules without feeling rushed.  Once we move deeper into the journeys, there will be fewer "lectures" and you will focus on your meditation practice. I have done many coaching programs myself, and I have felt many times rushed to finish. We are here to help you find balance, so that would be counter-productive.  


In addition to the 16 weeks of coaching, you will be able to enjoy our bonus mentorship which provides you with additional support and allows you to ask questions and mentoring beyond the end of the program.

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Discover the explorer within you and unlock the transformative potential of spirituality to enhance your health and take your personal and professional life to new heights.

By embracing spirituality, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to optimize your health and wellness. With this newfound awareness, you'll be able to explore uncharted territories in your life and business, breaking through boundaries and reaching new levels of success.

Unleashing your inner explorer requires a willingness to venture beyond your comfort zone, but with the guidance of spirituality, you'll have the courage and clarity to embark on this journey. As you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition, you'll discover a whole new world of possibilities, paving the way for a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

So, embrace your inner explorer and dive into the transformative power of spirituality, unlocking your full potential and achieving unprecedented levels of success.

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