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Even-Odd Betting in Football - Detailed Explanation from KUBET

Even-Odd betting is undoubtedly a familiar concept among experienced football bettors. However, are you confident that you understand all the intricacies of this type of wagering? If not, let's explore some details together through this comprehensive guide brought to you by football tips today uk

Introduction to Even-Odd Betting

At sportsbooks, Even-Odd betting is denoted as even/odd, abbreviated as E/O. This is a side bet, determining the outcome based on the even or odd nature of the total goals scored. Similar to Over/Under bets, in this form of entertainment, you don't need to concern yourself with the overall winning team. Instead, bettors simply focus on predicting and investing in one of the two options.

Specifically, bettors have the option to wager on Even (the even side) and will win if the total goals are 0, 2, 4, 6, etc. Alternatively, one can bet on Odd (the odd side) to win if the final score settles at 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. With only two choices available, the accuracy of players' predictions is significantly enhanced. In theory, bettors have a 50% chance of winning, much higher than many other forms of entertainment.

Even-Odd Betting as a Side Wager

Even-Odd betting is a type of side wager.

Most Common Types of Even-Odd Betting at KUBET

Even-Odd betting has gained special favor among a large number of players. Understanding the demand for this form of entertainment, KUBET has brought forth numerous options related to the even-odd nature of total goals. To grasp information about the most popular betting types, here are some details you should consider:

Even-Odd Total Goals

This is a common and fundamental type of Even-Odd betting. This form of entertainment is quite similar to Over/Under betting, as both determine the outcome based on the total goals scored. However, the difference lies in predicting whether the number of goals scored will be odd or even.

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There are three main types of Even-Odd total goals betting: full match, first half, or second half. In the special case where neither team scores any goals, the sportsbook defaults to awarding bettors who invested in the even side. If a match is temporarily suspended for any reason, related bets, including Even-Odd, will not be counted.

Even-Odd Goals for Each Team

This is also a popular type of Even-Odd betting at KUBET. With this form of entertainment, you need to predict whether the total goals scored by one team will be even or odd, specifically:

Full match Even-Odd for each team: Predicting whether the total goals scored by one participating team will be even or odd.

First half Even-Odd: Betting on whether one team will score an even or odd total number of goals.

Second half Even-Odd: Predicting whether the team you select will score an even or odd number of goals in the final 45 minutes of play.

Other Types of Even-Odd Bets

In addition to total score Even-Odd betting, KUBET also offers some entertainment options based on penalty cards, foul plays, or added minutes. In essence, players still have to predict whether the final outcome will be even or odd, specifically:

Even-Odd Corner Kick betting: Players need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks will be even (0, 2, 4, 6, etc.) or odd (1, 3, 5, etc.).

Even-Odd Booking betting: Predicting whether the total number of booking points will be odd or even. Yellow cards are conventionally worth 1 point, and red cards are equivalent to 2 points.

Even-Odd Penalty Shootout betting: Placing bets on whether the total number of goals scored from penalty shootouts will be even or odd.

Calculating Winnings for Even-Odd Betting and Examples

Calculating winnings when participating in Even-Odd betting at KUBET is relatively straightforward. You just need to apply the familiar formula below to find the result: Correct prediction winnings = Odds ratio x Invested capital.

For example, in a match between Real Madrid and Chelsea, KUBET offers Even-Odd bets with odds ratios for each side being 1.93 and 1.97 respectively. With an investment of 100K, you may face two scenarios:

If the match result ends in 0, 2, 4, or any other even number: Bettors who chose the even side will receive a reward of 100 x 1.93 = 193K. Conversely, those who bet on the odd side will lose their initial 100K investment.

If the match result ends in 1, 3, 5, or any other odd number: Bettors who wagered on the even side will lose. However, those who bet on the odd side will receive a reward of 100 x 1.97 = 197K.

Useful Even-Odd Betting Tips

Even-Odd betting is relatively easy to play with a high winning rate. However, to secure valuable rewards, apart from luck, bettors also need to consider some important tips:

Consider the form of both teams: Team form is the first factor to consider when betting on Even-Odd outcomes. Bettors should track the recent performances of both teams to make accurate predictions. Some suggestions for players to consider include:

If the teams are evenly matched, the match may end in a draw. Therefore, bettors should consider investing in the even side.

If there is a significant difference in form between the two teams, it's easier to determine the outcome of the match. In this case, bettors should consider investing in the odd side.

If there is a clear difference in form between the two teams, the match may see many goals scored. In this case, bettors should bet on the total even or odd goals for the whole match.

Choose bets based on handicap odds: Another useful tip is to consider the odds for other types of bets such as Asian handicap, 1x2, over/under, etc., at KUBET. These figures are essential foundations to help bettors determine the strength of the teams, the difference in ability. Thus, players can make more accurate choices.

Here are some examples that demonstrate how handicap odds can be helpful in predicting Even-Odd bets:

A match with a handicap odds of 0.75 indicates that the favored team may win by at least 1 goal. In this case, the likelihood of the match ending with an even score like 0 is relatively low. Therefore, betting on the odd side would be a wise choice.

A full match handicap odds of 0.25 at KUBET indicates that the difference in level between the two teams is not significant. It's highly likely that the two teams will draw, so betting on the total even goals for the match would be a smart choice.

Maintain a good mindset when playing Even-Odd: Even-Odd betting is a side wager. Therefore, KUBET members should not overly emphasize winning or losing. Bettors should start with a small amount of money and avoid participating in too many similar bets at the same time to protect their personal budget.

Players should also maintain a comfortable mindset and not be influenced by the crowd. Only in this case can bettors make accurate decisions and have the opportunity to win significant rewards.

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The article has introduced you to some important information about Even-Odd betting in football. Hopefully, through the series of shares above, you have gained a better understanding of this form of entertainment and are ready to participate in betting. Wish bettors successfully apply the tips and guidelines shared to receive attractive rewards from KUBET.


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