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Corporate Mindfulness 

Create a more harmonious and mindful work environment 

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A mindful work environment means

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Healthier Employees

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Increased Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Meditation and mindfulness are life skills that teach how to respond instead of reacting to difficult situations. Learning how to listen to someone else needs or problems objectively and respond accordingly is a skill that is essential in the workplace setting, employee-customer communication, and among peers.

Why Workplace Stress Matters

According to the American Psychological Association's survey, conducted in late February 2021 by The Harris Poll, twenty-nine percent of workers participating in the survey were diagnosed with mental health disorders since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Stress is responsible for 550 million missed workdays every year. Eighty percent of employees report that they feel stressed at work, and don't have the necessary tools to manage it. 


Managing stress is a necessity, as stress is directly or indirectly the source of eighty percent of all diseases.  

A stressed employee is more prone to accidents at the workplace,  and health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater than a less stressed employee. (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine).

Mindfulness at the workplace is becoming more common as businesses become aware of the impact it has not only on the employees' health and well-being but how it improves engagement, job satisfaction, productivity, focus, adaptability, communication. 

Google, Apple, Mayo Clinic, Adobe, Target, Aetna as just a few examples of companies offering a year-round mindfulness program. 

The good news is that you don't need to be a major corporation with a large budget to implement an efficient mindfulness program.  

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✓Comprehensive science-based programs customized to your company needs


✓ Technology and support 


✓Pre and post-program surveys


✓Statistics: track number of registrations, award points for participation, program engagement


✓Registration Page


✓Help desk


✓No limitation on the number of participants

✓Options for companies of all sizes 

Align with the Frequency of Success (1).

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Align with the Frequency of Success (1).


"This was a great program that really gave me an opportunity to take a moment to myself and be aware of how I was actually feeling, rather than telling myself what I should be feeling."

"From the start of being introduced to mindfulness activities, I have been using some type of mindfulness activity to get through this pandemic. The program was awesome and very helpful. I wish for this program to continue to be helpful as we move forward this school year. Thank you for this exciting and interesting mindful program. I truly was able to release, relax, and relieve myself from many stressful situations. It was a pleasure to stop and take care of me. I will continue to do mindfulness activities."

"The meditation series is the most wonderful experience and has been the highlight of my days. I am so grateful that you are taking the time and effort to provide this wonderful service, especially during these difficult times."

"Taking the time for self-care is the best form of care for you and your family. Handling things from a beautiful mind vs. stressed, helps achieve a better outcome."

"What I learned on my inner journey is that it is possible to reach a state of interconnection (oneness) with all beings. Knowing that we are all love brings joy, understanding, peace, and gratitude."