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Beyond Mindset

Break Free From Stress and Maximize Your Human Potential

Meditation Group

It’s time for you to step out of stress and discover your true potential to be able to enjoy the LIFE you worked so hard to achieve. 

Leave your overactive mind behind once and for all, and bring your peaceful and joyous self into your present reality.

maximizing your human potential means

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Peace of Mind

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Spiritual Fulfillment 


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Beyond Mindset is a deep, holistic, and integral method created to reveal the true essence of who you really are, not only creating the complete LIFE that you have always wanted but being able to fully enjoy every moment.

As we move through each step - we call these "journey"- you will be able to identify any imbalances and have the right tool to re-establishing that balance in all nine aspects of your being. Only then, you will be able to maximize your LIFE personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Beyond Mindset is a completely unique and different process from anything you have ever experienced before. It is a blend of knowledge on an intellectual level and practices on an experiential level.

In the end, you will have incredible confidence and clarity, on how to re-establish balance whenever necessary, to prevent stress build up in the body and mind while embracing the spiritual being that you are.


By doing all the right things, you are finally able to fulfill that void within. That will not only benefit you, but it will give you the power to create that impact in the world that you have always wanted.

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12 Week Coaching Program

✓Powerful comprehensive modules that take place over twelve weeks


✓ Your Mind-Body Constitution Meditation Practice


✓2 exclusive one-on-one sixty-minute calls with Virna 


✓Weekly Live Q&A Calls with hot-seat coaching (one per week for six months)


✓24/7 access to the private program community


✓Lifetime access & free updates


✓Inner Journey #1: Balancing Your Physical Body

✓Step-by-step videos. Each video is around 15-30 minutes and provides a lesson and a practice.

✓ Inner Lab


✓Inner Journey #2: Mind Freedom

✓Step-by-step videos and workbook. Each video is around 15-30 minutes and provides a lesson and a practice.

✓Inner Lab


Inner Journey#3: Spiritual Fulfillment and Manifestation

✓Step-by-step videos and workbook

✓Inner Lab

Align with the Frequency of Success (1).

Your Timeline

12 weeks of content and practice, done at your own pace

You will have plenty of time to complete the modules without feeling rushed.  Once we move deeper into the journeys, there will be fewer "lectures" and you will focus on your meditation practice. I have done many coaching programs myself, and I have felt many times rushed to finish. We are here to help you find balance, so that would be counter-productive.  


In addition to the twelve weeks of coaching, you will be able to enjoy our bonus mentorship which provides you with additional support and allows you to ask questions and mentoring beyond the end of the program.

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Align with the Frequency of Success (1).


The meditation series is the most wonderful experience and have been the highlight of my days. I am so grateful that you are taking the time and effort to provide this wonderful service, especially during these difficult times.

"Taking the time for self-care is the best form of care for you and your family. Handling things from a beautiful mind vs. stressed, helps achieve a better outcome."

"What I learned on my inner journey is that it is possible to reach a state of interconnection (oneness) with all beings. Knowing that we are all love brings joy, understanding, peace, and gratitude."