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Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu Full Rarrar

Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu Full Rarrar

Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu is a popular Mappila song genre that narrates the story of Akbar, a legendary Muslim saint who was said to have the power to communicate with birds. The songs are also known as Pakshipattukal, meaning bird songs, as they describe the conversations between Akbar and various birds such as parrots, pigeons, crows, etc. The songs are sung in a melodious and rhythmic style, often accompanied by instruments such as harmonium, tabla, and duff.


The origin of Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu is not clear, but some scholars believe that it is based on the Persian legend of Attar of Nishapur, a 12th-century Sufi poet and mystic who wrote a book called Mantiq al-Tayr (The Conference of the Birds). The book is an allegorical tale of a group of birds who embark on a journey to find the mythical king of birds, Simurgh. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and learn spiritual lessons from their leader, a hoopoe bird. The book is considered a masterpiece of Persian literature and a classic of Sufi thought.

Another possible source of Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu is the Arabic legend of Abul Hasan al-Shadhili, a 13th-century Moroccan Sufi saint who was said to have the gift of understanding the language of animals. He was also known as Shaykh al-Bahri (the Master of the Sea) because he could walk on water. He founded the Shadhiliyya order of Sufism and wrote many influential works on Islamic mysticism.

Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu is a rich and diverse genre that reflects the cultural and religious diversity of Kerala, where Mappilas (Muslims of Malayali origin) have lived for centuries. The songs contain elements of Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam languages and cultures. They also express the devotion and love of Mappilas for Allah, Prophet Muhammad, and various saints and sages. The songs are often performed during festivals, weddings, and other occasions by professional singers or amateur groups.

Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu Full Rarrar is a collection of 25 songs that cover the entire life story of Akbar Sadaka from his birth to his death. The songs are sung by Master Badusha, Salman Vengara, and Rafi Chavakkad, who are well-known Mappila singers. The collection was released in 2015 by Millennium Audios, a leading music company in Kerala. The songs are available on various online platforms such as YouTube , Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc. The songs are also available for free or paid downloads on some websites such as,, etc.

Akbar Sadaka Pakshi Pattu Full Rarrar is a musical treat for anyone who loves Mappila songs or wants to learn more about the fascinating legend of Akbar Sadaka. The songs are catchy, soulful, and inspiring. They showcase the talent and creativity of Mappila singers and composers who have preserved and enriched this unique genre for generations.


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