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On Decoist we feature all sorts of ideas to make your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or offices look prettier. We bring you furniture and lighting ideas, houses everyone would dream of and luxury properties that defy the world crisis.


This is great! I needed some inspiration for a boys room. I have a Star Wars themed room for my little guy but I want to branch out a little and this could get me in the right direction. That light is gorgeous. Thanks for the post.

An interesting idea we came across recently is to pop yellow splashes on Kelly green backgrounds to make the room feel fresh and sunny. Rooms with latte-shaded walls, on the other hand, deserve a red furnishing touch, or extravagant artwork.

In this case, the same as with every other room, we recommend you to keep the basic setting neutral, and to paint the walls in a soft and natural shade which can be combines with a variety of bold accents.

For the purpose, there are details that never go out of style, including vertical stripes, bedside lamps, shelving or hanging artwork, as all of them make the room visually deeper and more interesting.

Nurture a budding artist with walls he can write on. Adding chalkboard paint is an easy way to minimize clutter and always have an available drawing surface. Black is great for a super-graphic neutral room, but if that feels a little dark, chalkboard paint also comes in that bold green we remember from our childhood classrooms.

Why not make your little boy feel that he is in a toy store? Installing shelving units or built-ins with toys, books, and games in rooms will make the ambience funny & engaging. You can also flaunt their favorite hot wheels on shelves. Keep a basket or bin to store unnecessary stuffs, matching with the color scheme. Red will be the perfect shade for their bedroom.

Boys love blue color and painting the walls with Labrador Blue will surely make them happy. The shade perfectly adds personality to a room without overbearing. There are available plenty of accent colors that will look well with Labrador Blue.

Thank you for the information. We found it very useful. Is Labrador blue a good color for 3 year toddler? and should I go with an accent wall as the room size 11*10? What would be a good accent color.

I bought this checkerboard self-stick wall border for the ceiling fan and the border around the room. Make sure you measure the room and buy a little extra, just in case you mess up cutting it. I spray painted the edges of the ceiling fan blades because they were brown and I wanted to be black to match.

This was probably the most creative feature in the room. J.B Salvage Yard donated this golf cart tire and my mechanic at Tell A Friend Automotive cut it in half so we could mount it on the wall and make shelves out of them. This is a golf cart tire, it seemed to be the perfect size for a shelf. They were very dirty so I cleaned them and spray painted them with a black lacquer paint to freshen them up.

I paint big swatches on the wall and look at it in the morning, mid-day, and night, taking note of which one I like the best at different times of the day. I also usually paint more than one wall to see how the color looks at different angles/different parts of the room. Usually, I give myself a couple of days to make a decision. It may just be me, but I have found that my more rash painting decisions end up getting changed a little faster.

There are loads of ways to make a space your teen will never want to leave, and we think it's important to involve them in the process as much as possible. Our teenage years are a period of transition, so bear this in mind when brainstorming your growing kids room together.

'Tackling teenage bedrooms can be an intimidating task. However, there are a few key elements that help to create a space that works for both you and them.' Jane says these are storage, wallpaper, art and a desk.

Use the walls, and less will end up on the floor, right? Make sure your teenager plenty of space to put his stuff with some affordable open bedroom storage ideas, like this unit from the IKEA IVAR range (opens in new tab).

For teenage boys bedroom ideas, consider open wardrobe for shirts and jackets with shelving and baskets for folded clothes. This will mean that everything's to hand when getting ready in the morning, helping them get up and out the door on time. Giving your teenager their own laundry basket and large bin will help keep the space tidy and calm.

A floor lamp is a practical addition to any bedroom, creating an ambient glow and cosy feel. Go oversized with a cool movie-style floor lamp to make a big statement, and layer it with bedside lights and a ceiling light so your teen can adjust the level of lighting whether he's reading, gaming or hanging out with friends after school.

Talking of bedroom lighting ideas, why not stick battery-powered LED strip lights to the underside of shelves for an extra layer of light? These can be picked up cheaply at places like Primark and IKEA. Position one under a desk and it'll make it look like it's floating.

Incorporate a colourful desk area into your young man's or teenage girls bedroom with bright filing boxes and folders. Transform basic shelving with a lick of paint and look for stationery storage options in matching colours. Use leftover wallpaper and paint to add depth inside the shelving.

Shelves are also handy for displaying treasured items. Ideal Home Decorating Editor and mum of teenage boys Nicky Phillips recommends creating an area of open cube shelving to transform favourite trainers, baseball caps and trophies into display pieces.

If your teen wants a calm and minimalistic look, go for a pared-back and modern scheme with neutral tones, comfy seating and houseplants. This will enable you to create a calm chill-out zone within teenage boys bedroom ideas to retreat to when needed.

Laid-back seating options like beanbags or even floor cushions are great for making a den-like area for watching TV, reading or gaming. They can easily be moved around the room when friends come over, too.

A high-sleeper bed is a design must-have if your teen is working with small bedroom ideas. This multifunctional piece of furniture can double or triple up as somewhere to sleep, somewhere to study and somewhere to relax. Go for a metallic tone such as chrome to give a more grown-up feel.

Be inventive with your wall space and create a DIY chalkboard for your teenage boys bedroom ideas or 'chill out' space. Start with one feature wall painted half-way in a chalkboard paint, then add a white storage shelf above to keep chalk and stationary to hand.

Choosing furniture that doesn't feel childish is an easy way to make your teenage boy's bedroom feel like a grown-up space. By using statement furniture pieces that feel welcome in a living room helps to make their bedroom evolve into a social space.

A comfy leather swivel chair is ideal for providing a cool place to hang out and relax. A side table with a removal top is the ideal storage solution for keeping their favourite magazines and books to hand, while they enjoy some chill time in the comfort of their own room.

Sometimes, we all need peace and 'alone time' so create a cosy snug in their teenage boys bedroom ideas by adding a curtain around the bed. This one is attached to a rustic beam but the effect can easily be created by installing a curtain rod to the ceiling. You don't need much space, so this will work even in rather small kids rooms.

Maps provide a great motif for bedroom wall decor, with charted murals or map prints making a great impact on a large expanse of wall. They're also a handy tool for coaching (you and) your kid through their geography homework.

Kids can accumulate a lot of belongings, so avoid a cluttered scheme by choosing coherent bedroom furniture like this modern light-wood and curvaceous range. It has as many components as you could think of including a funky sliding 'over-bed' desk.

Teenagers spend lots of time in their bedrooms so plan the space well to make them feel they have their own 'home within a home' with a cosy grey bedroom idea. Start with grey shiplap on walls to create a cabin vibe and install Anglepoise-style lamps on the walls for a space-saving lighting solution that's adaptable, too.

Be inventive with your wall space and create a bedroom accent wall that highlights and envelopes your teen's sleeping space. Start by painting walls a pale tone then measure from the corner of the ceiling a diagonal line on each wall to the floor.

Investing in a double bed is ideal for teenage boys bedroom ideas as it won't be long until they'll want the extra space to spread out more. Win extra points by making a four-poster bed the focus of the room by stringing LED festoon lights around the top of a black metal-framed bed.

This teenage attic bedroom idea has a low-level bed slotted into the eaves space, while cut-out shelf storage showcasing colourful books makes the most of the small square footage. A futon sofa bed adds to the intimate and inviting feel.

Play it safe with traditional blue and grey shades as a background and add a splash of vibrant colour as an accent shade throughout. This smart grey room welcomes an acid yellow ladder, bedside table and soft-furnishings in a similar shade to lift the scheme.

This double bed is perfect if you are looking for shared bedroom ideas and wanted to keep the room as neutral as possible to please both parties without looking dull. If you've just one teenage son taking advantage of this room, they can easily turn the lower level into a spacious sofa to hang out with their friends.

Emma Anthony, Design Manager at Dunelm (opens in new tab) recommends adding lots of cushions to create a space for lounging and gaming. So if the bed is against the wall they can be positioned to create a seating arrangement with something soft to lean against. Alternatively, if another family comes to stay, this set up makes a great temporary guest bedroom idea.

A comfy chair or a couple of beanbags are a must for a teenage boys bedroom ideas. The last thing they want to do is hang out with their friends in the living room, with siblings and parents walking in every five minutes. Create their own private haven within the home which feels like more than a just bedroom. 041b061a72


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