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((HOT)) Download Haunt The House: Terrortown PC Game 2014

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Download Haunt The House: Terrortown PC Game 2014

Haunt the House: Terrortown was first created as a PlayStation Mobile game, intended to be played on the PS Vita. Sony were looking for indie developers to create original games for their new platform, and SFB Games were excited at the chance to make their first console game. Released on the PSM store on 9th Jaunary 2013, the game was generally well received, despite a lack of public awareness that PSM even exists.The PC port was created in a few short months, and first came out through the Humble widget on the games own site, being released on Halloween day. In January 2014 it was put up on Steam Greenlight. In just 17 days, the game had risen to #6 out of 1500 and was greenlit the following day. On June 6th, it was released on the Steam store, with added Steam achivements and trading cards, plus XBox 360 controller support.Soon after the Steam release, work started on the mobile version and it was released on October 30th, just in time for Halloween.After the success of the mobile version, several free updates were added over the next year, featuring new levels; Haunt the Holidays, Haunt the House, and Ghost Train. 041b061a72


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