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Windows XP Portable USB Stick Edition !LINK!

And when I say slow I mean windows stop responding all the time, the MojoPac interface stops responding (locking you out of your local system until it wakes up!)... I was going to put Steam on it to make Steam portable but it was just too freaking slow.

Windows XP Portable USB Stick Edition

For those of you interested in this morning's post about setting up portable Linux distributions, but looking for a way to do the same with Windows, we have a solution: MojoPac. MojoPac used to run $50, but the company rolled out a free version last week that offers the basic functionality you need to set up a portable USB stick with Windows XP and the basic applications you'd want.

DokuWiki on a Stick is the portable version of DokuWiki. It contains its own stripped down Apache webserver. This allows you to run DokuWiki from a portable device like an USB stick on any Windows computer without installing anything on the computer itself.1)

EaseUS OS2Go is a portable Windows creation tool. It makes Windows portable by cloning your system (including all the content on the system partition) onto the USB drive. That is to say, you can bring your system and files/applications on the system partition(s) together with you via the USB drive. Unlike using Windows to Go, EaseUS OS2Go allows you to create portable Windows regardless of its edition. That makes it a more advisable choice for older Windows users and non-Windows Enterprise/Education users.

Alternatively, you can also create a portable Windows 10/8 using Windows to Go. Windows to Go is a feature on these specific Windows editions to create a Windows to Go workspace on a USB drive. By booting a computer from the USB drive, you can use the Windows to Go workspace, which is the image of the system on which you create the portable Windows. However, there is a limit you can't ignore: Your computer must run Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise, or Windows 10 Education. If not, use the EaseUS solution instead.

Balabolka Portable VersionThe portable version of Balabolka can be run from a USB memory stick or other portable drive. In order to do this, you need to download the archive from this web-site and unzip it to the USB drive.

BeeBEEP for Microsoft Windows is available in 3 versions.The installation package has the advantage of configuring the firewall automaticallyto allow the correct functioning of BeeBEEP.The portable version has the advantage that you can install it wherever you want,even on a USB stick and always carry it with you. 350c69d7ab


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