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CRACK Foxpro2.6a(patched For Xp) For CBSE's IP Students

CRACK Foxpro2.6a(patched for XP) for CBSE's IP Students

FoxPro is a programming language and database management system that was popular in the 1990s. It was based on dBase, a database system that ran on DOS and CP/M operating systems. FoxPro was acquired by Microsoft in 1992 and later discontinued in 2007. However, some students of CBSE's Informatics Practices (IP) course still use FoxPro 2.6a, the last version of FoxPro for DOS, as part of their curriculum.

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One of the challenges that these students face is that FoxPro 2.6a does not run properly on modern Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP or later. This is because FoxPro 2.6a was built on Watcom C/C++, which used the DOS/4GW memory extender to access expanded and extended memory. This memory extender is incompatible with Windows XP's memory management and causes errors and crashes when running FoxPro 2.6a applications.

To solve this problem, some programmers have created patches that modify the FoxPro 2.6a executable file to make it compatible with Windows XP. These patches replace the DOS/4GW memory extender with a different one, such as CWSDPMI or HX DOS Extender, that can work with Windows XP's memory management. These patches also fix some other bugs and issues that affect FoxPro 2.6a on Windows XP, such as keyboard input, screen output, and printing.

One of the most popular patches for FoxPro 2.6a is called FPD26SP.ZIP, which was created by Dr. Claudio Soto in 2004. This patch can be downloaded from [this link]. To apply this patch, you need to follow these steps:

  • Make a backup copy of your original FOXPROW.EXE file.

  • Unzip the FPD26SP.ZIP file to a temporary folder.

  • Copy the PATCH.EXE file to the same folder where your FOXPROW.EXE file is located.

  • Run the PATCH.EXE file and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Delete the PATCH.EXE file after the patching process is completed.

After applying this patch, you should be able to run FoxPro 2.6a applications on Windows XP without any errors or crashes. You can also use the patched FOXPROW.EXE file to create new FoxPro 2.6a applications using the IDE or the compiler. However, you should be aware that this patch does not guarantee full compatibility with Windows XP or later operating systems, and some features or functions may not work as expected. Therefore, you should always test your applications thoroughly before deploying them.

In conclusion, FoxPro 2.6a is an old but still useful programming language and database system that can be used by CBSE's IP students to learn about database concepts and SQL queries. However, it requires a patch to run on modern Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP or later. One of the most popular patches for FoxPro 2.6a is FPD26SP.ZIP, which can be downloaded from [this link] and applied following the steps described above.


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[FPD26SP.ZIP download link](


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